Peter Watts, Jr.

Hey there, I’m Peter Watts, Jr. I’m a church planter, educator, father, husband, entrepreneur, and cultural influencer and author of a new book called "Prodigal Father."


Peter Watts was born and raised in South Los Angeles. He is a graduate of Cal State Dominguez Hills where he received his B.A. in Mass Communications. He received his Master's of Education in Administration and Leadership degree from University of Phoenix. He just graduated from Fuller Seminary with his Masters in Theology in Spring 2017. His educational  career began 20 years ago in Los Angeles Unified School District at Compton Ave Elementary School. He then taught for 7 years at a charter organization where he also was the founding principal of Thurgood Marshall Middle School, a blended learning and project-based focus school. Peter ended his career as the Director of Blended Learning where he developed a comprehensive and innovate approach to education for this charter school district. Peter currently pastors The Rock Church and is the Regional Vice President for World Impact's West Coast Region. He has been married to his wife Didi Watts for more than 23 years and has three children: Jasmin Anderson, Avery Watts, and Imani Watts. 


Good news for the city



In addition to all of the accomplishments in Peter's life he also finds time to lead a network of churches and leaders in the Reformed Church of America as well as the Christian Reformed Church in something called The Kingdom Enterprise Zone in Los Angeles (KEZ LA). Peter is also the Los Angeles catalyst for Gospel Ventures which is an organization that trains up leaders, pastors, and entrepreneurs, for social impact. 

"My call is unique in that I believe God has given me the experiences and the gifts to expand my circle of influence beyond what people expect from a kid who grew up in the inner city." 


Much love,


Educator, Innovator, Church Planter, and Entrepreneur


"Peter Watts' faith, integrity, and most importantly, life experience makes him the perfect man to address an issue that is killing America - rampant fatherlessness. As someone who was once abandoned by his dad, he has the compassion and understanding to speak to those with similar stories. And as a pastor and loving dad, he offers wisdom to fathers who are fulfilling their duties and hope to those who may not be but can."

Chris Broussard

Fox Sports


"There isn't a relationship that value more than the one I have with my father. I have a living and involved father. I am fortunate and I realize that. He not only shared with me his build, his personality, and his general disposition, my fathers presence helped me discover the breadth of my potential; the limits of who I am, and more importantly who I am not. The value and prophetic destiny of my last name means the world to me and it's because I have a natural father who saw it as his duty by God to think generationally. Pastor Peters journey unlocks the importance that fathering means to us all. Thank you for sharing your journey. I recommend it to everyone!"

Terrell Fletcher, Author, Speaker, Pastor


"Fatherlessness is the most detrimental and far-reaching social ill on the planet. Virtually every social ill in our urban communities (gang involvement, drug and alcohol abuse, crime, violence, poverty, etc) can be traced back to the effects of abandonment and a father-wound. Peter Watts is one of my heroes who has been on a 30 year journey toward healing through his pain and overcoming the effects of an absent father. He is breaking the chain of abandonment by being a faithful and committed husband and a loving & engaged father for his children."

Dr. Larry Acosta

President/Founder- Urban Youth Workers Institute



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