Giving is Godly

I've been given an opportunity to be in a Bible study amongst a group of men  who have been faithful givers most of their adult lives. We are in the midst of talking about money. This three part study will talk about Giving, Spending, and Investing. Its been great to sit in this small group to hear the ways in which God uses people from all walks of life.

Part 1 Good Sense

Why Should I Give?

  1. Giving is FOUNDATIONAL to our spiritual life
  2. Giving is the antidote to FEAR
  3. Giving strengthens my FAITH
  4. Giving is an INVESTMENT
  5. Giving draws me CLOSER TO GOD

How Do I Give?

  1. I give WILLINGLY
  2. I give THANKFULLY
  3. I give JOYFULLY
  4. I give REGULARLY

These were some of the key takeaways I received while in this study. One of the gentlemen that is part of our group talked about why we give. He stated that we often give to things that have formed us. For example, we give back to our Alma Maters because these institutions have shaped us in the way we have pursued our careers. When I meditated on that thought it got me to thinking about why we give to church or Christian organizations. We give to these institutions because they have formed us. Another quote I remember from our time together was "We shall expect to be change when we give."

Our giving to church, non-profits, people, or anything else should change us. At the end of the day I think that God is please when we use our resources to bless others. By giving to others to help them accomplish the goals and plans that God has purposed in their lives pleases the Father. I'm a dad with three kids, and I tell you that I get excited and become very appreciative when people are nice to my children. How much more would our Father in heaven is pleased with us when we do good for his children.

Peter Watts